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Sugar-free candies and jellies

It’s a dream come true, sugar-free treats but just as delicious. You like to take care of yourself without giving up the sweet tooth, take your bag of jelly beans to the movies, and why not? We all like to enjoy sweet snacks but still take care of our health. Here you will find many sugar-free jelly beans that sweeten you by taking care of yourself. Do you already know which is your favorite?

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Maltitol syrup, sorbitol, stevia, pectin, E440, citric acid, carnauba wax, natural colors and flavors extracted from vegetables

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g of product (P.N.E.)

Nutritional value 223kcal
Proteins 0.5g
Carbohydrates and sugars 93g
Fats, of which saturated 0,0g
Sodium 0,0g
Salt 0,0g

Food free of gluten, lactose, soy, celery, mustard, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, peanuts and derivatives

Sugar has to be consumed only in small proportions and on special occasions, so in order to enjoy and calm the desire for sweets there is a wide variety of sweets that do not have added sugar and their flavor is delicious. In our store you will find caramel candies, sugus, bears, jelly beans, all without sugar.

It is great to give jelly beans because we know they always like them, but sometimes we want to surprise a person with diabetes, or who is taking care of their line, so we have also thought about them. There is a wide variety of sugar-free sweets that will be great to enjoy with the best company. We put the sweets, the moment and with whom to share it we leave it to you.

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