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In the variety lies the flavor!

That is why we have prepared a selection of jelly beans, candy and chocolates in a lot of different formats, so you can find what you are looking for and find just what you need. Here you will find the funniest, most romantic, most elegant cases … because we have thought of everything. And if you do not know what to give, do not worry, surely with so much variety you will find inspiration because there are a lot of options.

Variety of sweets and goodies


All our sweets are handmade with love.

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We sell to all Europe. Standard shipping fee: 14,50€.

Learn more about our varieties of sweets and candies

Dare to conquer that person you like with a box of delicious chocolates and with an original packaging, flee from the topics, show him that you are surprising.

Candy in a shopping cart, chocolates, gin and tonic candies, and lots more of fun goodies. We have looked for how to surprise you and yours, so that you have a great time when you enjoy sweet moments together

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