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Liqueur Sweets

Can you imagine giving a bit of a piece of champagne with strawberries? Or eat a mojito? We have not gone crazy, although surely you have thought about it; We want to bring you the most original and richest sweets that exist, so once we thought “if there are sweets with so many fruit flavors, desserts, why not our favorite cocktails? Unleash your imagination and we begin to shape this delicious idea. Have you tried them yet?

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All our sweets are handmade with love.

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f you like to surprise yours with cool ideas and different things, this is for you. We have put together two things that are very cool: sweets and cocktails. And with this delicious combination we have managed to succeed in the most demanding parties. They have a surprising flavor, it is that you really feel that you are taking a Gin Tonic in each bite.

You have to throw a party and you are thinking that making a candy bar is the best idea for your guests to enjoy the sweetness of the evening, and you discover that among all the delicious sweets you already know there are some sweets with flavors as amazing as Whiskey Jack Daniel or caipirinha and suddenly you feel happy, because your guests will be delighted with the sweet touch of your party.

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