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Lactose-free Sweets and Candies

f you are lactose intolerant we also have something delicious for you. You can taste lots of goodies that are lactose free and you will love them. You just have to take a walk through our selection of lactose-free products and choose the one you like the most, surely you will find more than one, because they are all delicious and there are a lot of flavors that will surprise you.

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All our sweets are handmade with love.

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Are you going to celebrate a birthday and do not know if there will be any lactose intolerant among the guests? Don’t worry, you just have to buy some lactose-free sweets and put them in a separate bowl, with a label that indicates it, so everyone will be happy and can enjoy the party without worrying. There is a lot of variety and they are all delicious.

Lactose is present in all foods derived from milk, and people who are intolerant to consuming it may have tummy aches and discomfort. That is why at Sugar we have a wide variety of jelly beans and caramels that are lactose, so that everyone can enjoy a sweet moment.

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