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Gluten free candies and jellies

At Sugar Pharmacy we have the perfect candy medicine for everyone, of course also for celiacs. We do not want anyone to be left without their happiness pill, that whim that makes us feel so good. So in our store you will find a lot of gluten-free chewing gums, jelly beans … but I will not tell you more, better discover them and try them!

your gluten-free candy


All our sweets are handmade with love.

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Learn more about our gluten-free jelly beans

We don’t know what chewing gum has, but we love to chew it at some time of the day. In addition to its flavor, it is stressful to take gum, so we also have a lot of flavors that are gluten-free, so that no one is left without enjoying them. In addition we have also thought of lovers of candy or jelly beans, there are a lot of options that are super rich and you will fall in love.

  • Blackberries: never fail among the favorites, covered by crispy balls and soft inside.
  • Cream and strawberry Marshmallows: very soft fluffy.
  • Acid worms with pica pica: Can’t say more, acid and pici-pica, a mixture that never fails.
  • Bones: we love their texture.
  • Coca-cola: if, as its name says, they taste like Coca-cola, they are super soft.

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