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First aid kit sweets

Our kits are designed to give you happiness and positive energy. Have you failed an exam? Has your partner left you? Do you have a super flu Don’t worry, you just need a sweet dose to combat your down times. They are also perfect to give away, so if it is your friend who is crying in the corners, or your brother because the girlfriend has left him, you can surprise them with one of our briefcases.First aid kits

Your first-aid kits

Made by hand

All our sweets are made by hand with a lot of love.

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We sell to all Europe. Standard shipping fee: 14,50€.

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There are days when you see everything gray, that day when you get out of bed with your left foot, and as soon as you go outside you think «I should have stayed in bed» but you are strong and nothing stops you, so you face this such an ugly day and you decide to make it beautiful and change that bitter taste with which you started with a delicious treat in the form of strawberry, or chocolate, or pica-pica, or … one of each, why not?

First-aid kits made with love, that have the best of the best, a selection of the most delicious sweets, and also designed for everyone, for vegans, for those who decide to take care of their line and prefer sugar-free sweets, for chocolate lovers And of course, we have also thought about lactose intolerant and celiac sufferers, so how do you see, there is a medicine cabinet for you and yours, which is your favorite?

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