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What a success you are going to have a SugarPack as a gift!

You love to succeed with gifts, what an exciting feeling when you see that person smile when unwrapping your package; and there is something that never fails, a good pack of goodies and if you can also personalize it with a dedication it is already the bomb. We have packs for your cousin, for your friend, for your teacher, for your boss, for your boyfriend, for whoever you want so you will be right for sure!

Your candy packs


All our sweets are handmade with love.

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We sell to all Europe. Standard shipping fee: 14,50€.

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For tastes the colors, and of course, also the flavors, so among our packs there are a lot of combinations so you can find just what you want. Do you love chocolate but don’t want to give up some soft gummy bears? Are you passionate about strawberry kisses but you melt with the berries? Banana or coke? There are too many delicious sweets.

There are many reasons to give sweets at special times, and we are going to tell you the three that we like the most.

  • Nobody is bitter about a sweet.
  • Jelly beans triumph at every party.
  • There are all colors, shapes and flavors, that’s why we all love them.

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