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Gift Pack 3





1 jar size S 110g
1 box of sweets 100g
1 small box blisters


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Etiqueta Bote

Remedy fail an exam, To pass the exams successfully (or get to 5), Teacher you are the most of the most, Teacher thank you for helping me, understanding me and teaching me, Because despite all the hooligans, your smile does not fade, For who loves teaching, The best teachers teach from the heart not from the book, Against mondays and early risers, In case of stress: emergency kit, motivational pills, Because I love you so much, To deal with the distance, For my favorite person in the world world, for him / her responsible for my happiness, For dreams to start with a yes I want, Use in case of love poisoning, Use in case of love intoxication, Kit for when you miss me, yes taste I love you, These are the kisses that I owe you, I love you, Because together we make a great team, because you are responsible for my smile, In case of overdose of kisses and smiles, Because I love you dad, Because I love you mom, for the mother who gave birth to me, For the father who gave birth to me, For who ruins my lipstick, To build a future together, Te quiero T'estimo Ti amo Je t'aime I love you, You are my platonic love, I love you more than at the weekend, Overdose of laughter, hugs and tickling, Anti hangover remedy, Pills to get well soon, Congratulations!!, Congratulations!! I wish you the best, Talents:eating, Sweet moments for tough guards, AGAINST hangovers, companions edges, rainy days, ex-boyfriends without forgetting, alarm clocks that don't ring, trains and buses that never arrive, against Mondays, and why not? against Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday., 6% Movie and blanket 13% Cotton candy 15% Nap in the sun 11% Crazy party 8% Love and other drugs 14% Dreams come true 16% Weekend 8% First kiss 9% Last minute goal, To sweeten the crisis of 30,40,50 and …, For the spiciest nights, For you to be a child again, To give size XXL, For you to turn purple with me, Congratulations, Because mother there is only one, I love you as you are. "Never change", Neural regenerator, I love you, Je t'aime, Because together we make a good team, To bring out the hero inside you, I love you to the moon and back, To improve humor, KELEDEN, KEEP CALM, Pills to keep fit, Zorionak!!, Oso maite zaitut, For dreams to come true, Baby you're the most of the most


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