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Classic jelly beans never fail

The classic sweets, the usual ones, those that we ate when we were children, but that will never go out of style. Surely you remember the jelly bags that the class birthday boy distributed, that day just for that detail, it was already special and we left super happy from school. It seems incredible how such a simple gift changes a normal day for a great day.

Your Classic Jelly Beans

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All our sweets are made by hand with love.

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Learn more about our classic jelly beans

Do you remember what your favorite jelly bean was? Was it red or black licorice? Red or black berries? Banana or egg? Kiss or watermelon? Cloud or chalk? And all these words make you think of sweets! The ones that we ate on Saturday afternoons with friends in the neighborhood, when we went together as a gang to the candy store, those winter afternoons that the epicenter of our afternoon was to go for jelly beans and then share with friends.

When you are in a room with people and you take out a bag of sweets, something happens, that the sweet aroma of the jelly beans makes you suddenly see yourself surrounded, and you who had bought a bag with your favorite selection are thinking in a low voice «Leave me without red licorice» and exactly, it is the first thing that ends, but you are happy because you are sharing and that is cool.

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